Slight change of plans…


Greetings all you sadistic fiends.

As I’m sure many of you noticed this site has been quiet for some time. No I have not been hiding out from the Federales nor have I joined any weirdo, alien, sex cults.


I will eventually release the video reviews as promised but that project is on hold until further notice. However, I will be starting a new project on this site. I will be highlighting some of the best musical moments in various horror/thriller movies.


NO! Not those kind of musical moments… moments where the music blends so perfectly with the scene that it takes it to a whole other level. Moments that send a tingle up your spine.


Feel free to post suggestions for some of your favorite and most memorable moments.


The Night of the Hunter (1955) Leaning scene



The Night of the Hunter follows the tale of the ill-fated children of a bank robber. After robbing a bank for $10,000 ($142,000+ in 2015) Ben Harper hides the money and persuades his children John and Pearl not to tell anyone, even their own mother, where he hid it. Ben is eventually captured and sent to prison. In prison he meets Reverend Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum),


a self-proclaimed preacher who cons widows out of their money before killing them. Unable to obtain the location of the $10,000 from Ben before he is executed, Reverend Powell goes after his widow Willa (Shelley Winters) in an attempt to get to the money. Harry eventually figures out that John and Pearl know where the money is and tries to get them to confess.


Failing this, Reverend Powell kills Willa in her sleep gaining custody of the children. Harry ties to force a confession out of the children again but the children escape and run away on a small row boat. They are eventually discovered by Rachel Cooper (Lillian Gish),


who has adopted several other abandoned children. Reverend Powell eventually shows up to reclaim the children in a final attempt at the money. Rachel however, doesn’t buy into it and runs Reverend Powell off the property with a shotgun. Later that night Reverend Powell begins singing his calling card hymn leaning not far from the house.

He is eventually accompanied by Rachel who is sitting up to guard the children. Reverend Powell manages to sneak into the house only to be discovered and wounded by a shot fired by Rachel. Reverend Powell is finally captured, tried and hanged for his crimes with John and Pearl finding a safe home with Rachel.


The Leaning scene is particularly powerful in this film as it shows the conflict between good, Rachel, and evil, Reverend Powell. The overt menace of Harry’s singing speaks volumes for his character as does Rachel’s accompaniment. This is only furthered as it highlights the extraordinary talents of both Lillian Gish and Robert Mitchum. Mitchum especially shines in this film as his quiet but ominous portrayal of Reverend Harry Powell. Having seen what Harry is willing to do to obtain the money only adds to his already intimidating character. This also builds into Lillian Gish’s portrayal of the mother hen Rachel. In essence the Leaning scene is a beautifully executed battle of wills magnified by the poetic and soft nature of the song. Further illustrating this point is the follow up scene of an owl capturing a rabbit off screen.

While this is Charles Laughton’s only directed film; one could imagine what other great works he could have produced had he stuck to film. With some of the best performances from legendary actors and actresses to scenes so beautifully done that they would be remembered for years to come. The Night of The Hunter serves as a prototype for villain heavy thrillers as well as adds Reverend Harry Powell to the list of history’s greatest film villains.

I’m not dead yet!


Greeting all you sadistic fiends.

The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated. Due to MAJOR technical difficulties IE: my computer self destructed .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.


I am finally back. This means that the long awaited review will be posted in the near future.

When you might ask? Information forth coming, however, I will be taking suggestions for the follow up review. So start submitting those horrible, atrocious, down right awful movies my way.

In the immortal words of Darkwing Duck “Lets get dangerous”
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In the beginning… there was PAIN!


Welcome one and all. This is going to be the start of my movie review blog. Yes… like the billion and one that can be found all over the internet. What makes this one any different from the rest? Simply put, you do. Unlike a lot of other review sites I want you to pick the movies for me. What does this mean? Yes that is correct, I want you to torture me with the worst, most pathetic attempts at the cinematic art form. The worst acted, horribly written, crappiest CGI cluster fuck you can find. However, I do have to lay down some grounds rules.

Rule Number 1: One review per movie.

Trying to make me watch “The Room” 50 times, although a worthy torture isn’t going to happen. However, multiple sequels and/or remakes are ok.

Rule Number B: Weird porn only

Porn is an option but with a stipulation.  Making me watch Amatuer Alien Anal Invading grandma’s 1 through 69 is out. Kudos for the sadism factor but it’s not going to happen. Making me watch that really weird porn with the live action tentacles and an egg beater? A ok.

Rule Number 12?.. E8?… Ψ?: Kids movies are an option

Yes… I will watch Barney’s Adventures on the Barnyard.’.. Especially if its porn.

With that being said, until I get suggestions I will pick the movies to start off. Don’t like what I’ve reviewed… send suggestions!