In the beginning… there was PAIN!


Welcome one and all. This is going to be the start of my movie review blog. Yes… like the billion and one that can be found all over the internet. What makes this one any different from the rest? Simply put, you do. Unlike a lot of other review sites I want you to pick the movies for me. What does this mean? Yes that is correct, I want you to torture me with the worst, most pathetic attempts at the cinematic art form. The worst acted, horribly written, crappiest CGI cluster fuck you can find. However, I do have to lay down some grounds rules.

Rule Number 1: One review per movie.

Trying to make me watch “The Room” 50 times, although a worthy torture isn’t going to happen. However, multiple sequels and/or remakes are ok.

Rule Number B: Weird porn only

Porn is an option but with a stipulation.  Making me watch Amatuer Alien Anal Invading grandma’s 1 through 69 is out. Kudos for the sadism factor but it’s not going to happen. Making me watch that really weird porn with the live action tentacles and an egg beater? A ok.

Rule Number 12?.. E8?… Ψ?: Kids movies are an option

Yes… I will watch Barney’s Adventures on the Barnyard.’.. Especially if its porn.

With that being said, until I get suggestions I will pick the movies to start off. Don’t like what I’ve reviewed… send suggestions!